Father Martyn Hope, parish priest at the Church of the Ascension, writes:

Dear Web Surfer,

We are delighted to welcome you to the Church of the Ascension website. Naturally, if you are interested in who we really are and in the Person we adore and worship, then certainly the best way is to follow the invitation of our Lord ‘come and see’. This is the great invitation given by Jesus himself to his first followers.

In a way, we are talking about a relationship with Jesus, and that may sound a bit risky. Yet all our relationships begin with a measure of doubt – but to go forward we need to act and explore to develop any relationship. We take the step in a hope that there will be a measure of acceptance to find that love. These processes of relationships apply to our relationship with the Lord.

Coming to a church for the first time can be difficult; we do not know the people there and we are not sure about how the worship is done, and above all we do not wish to look foolish. However, the best to way forward is to ignore all of that and to act as if you want to live a Christian life, and secondly, look to your feelings, ‘Do I feel at home here?’, ‘Do I feel a sense of worship that carries me forward? These are the processes of experience and feeling, rather than rational analysis. After all, love is not a rational process, it is an experience.

Plain and Simple

At the Church of the Ascension we want to issue the same invitation given by our Lord, ‘come and see’.

But Inside: The House of God, the Gate of Heaven.

Come and experience, and we pray you will indeed experience love in adoration.

Best wishes

Martyn Hope,

Parish Priest