About us

high altar


 Built in 1925, our church is the life-hub of an inclusive and welcoming
Anglican parish in the inner South-East of Brisbane.

Our worship is Anglican in the Catholic Tradition, and it’s great fun, while still remaining sincere and grounded. We think you’ll also find it mysterious and other-worldly too (in a good way we trust)!

Our life centres around the Holy Communion (commonly called “the Mass”). At Mass at Ascension, you’ll have a unique Anglican opportunity to see, smell, taste, touch and hear the Divine.

We trust and pray that you’ll also experience the transcendent beauty of the creator through the warm care and hospitality offered by our faith community.

We look forward to hearing from you, or meeting you at the Anglican Parish of Morningside soon.

May the Divine life inspire, guide, guard and protect you and those you love.

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