The Anglican Shrine of our Lady of Walsingham

Why do so many come to visit this Anglican Shrine in a remote part of England?

It was first established nearly a thousand years ago by a devout noblewomen in 1061.

It came about because of her vision of Our Lady, who simply asked that a replica of Mary’s house in Nazareth be built at Walsingham.

Nazareth was the place where the Archangel Gabriel spoke to Mary and the hidden of our Lord before he manifested himself.

This simple replica became known as ‘England’s Nazareth’, and became an important pilgrimage destination for Western Europe and of royal patronage.

Henry VIII was one of those patrons and even paid for a priest there, but in the same year he destroyed it for all its valuables for his treasury.

In 1921, Fr Hope Patten was made Vicar of Walsingham, and he restored to devotion in the Parish Church, with the strong support of the village.

Eventually, he built a new a new shrine on a separate site on 1931. Since that time Walsingham has become the most favoured place of pilgrimage in the UK.

Why? Because it is a place of prayer, adoration, spiritual renewal, and healing and wholeness. You can begin a pilgrimage by going to this site and see for yourself. They also have an excellent bookshop. The Shrine will be renewing and updating their webpage in the coming months.

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Father Martyn