Prayer Request

If you have something or Someone you would like to pray for, we will pray.

In the Gospels, there is a story of a paralysed man being brought by his friends to our Lord. However, because the crowd around the house was so large they could not get in. They climbed onto the roof, made a hole in it, and lowered the paralysed man, on his stretcher, before the Lord. Then the reading makes an important point, ‘When Jesus saw their faith…’. That is how we understand what praying for others is all about. Intercessory prayer is like the stretcher bearers bringing people to the Lord for healing and  wholeness.

At every Mass we celebrate at the church of the Ascension, and at our praying the Rosary on Thursdays we pray for all who are in sorrow, sickness or in any kind of need.

Your prayers can be offered at our Altar. Simply send your request using the panel below. During the coming week you or your friends and family will be remembered.


The wording used within the panel

Please keep as simple as possible.

You might like to tell us your name (Just your first Name, if you prefer) and the name of the person you are requesting Prayer for (again just their first name, if you prefer). The add a short description of the need and it’s our promise to pray every day for at least seven days.

Here is an Example: Name – John

Please pray for Duncan & Lucy who are struggling within their marriage

OR Please pray for me as I have just been diagnosed with a serious illness and my future is uncertain. 

OR  Please prayer for my daughter, Jennifer, who is addicted to drugs