Other Sacraments

WEDDINGS.………………..The Church of the Ascension is available for weddings.

One party must be Baptised and both Parties must provide full birth certificates and evidence of decree nisi if divorced. Notice required by Law is at least one full calendar month. There is a modest charge for the preparation of Documents and a fee for Organist/ musicians. Flowers are to be contributed by the couple and arranged by the Parish Guild. A donation is desirable for the care of the church building. The list of Fees and Charges is available.

Funerals..…………………….The Church of the Ascension is available for Funerals.

Many people have a difficulty in asking for a funeral from the church for a loved one if they are not,  nor have never been, a church goer. The Church will never refuse to bury anyone. A Funeral from the Church is dignified, respectful,  and has much meaning and there is a much better atmosphere. There are no extra charges unless an Organist or a musician is needed. A donation may be given for the upkeep of the Church Building according to the List of Fees and Charges, which is available on request.

Confession or The Sacrament of Reconciliation of a Penitent

The Sacrament is available for those who are burdened in conscience and wish to confess to God in private with a Priest. The Seal of the Confessional means that the Priest cannot tell anyone what is said although the penitent may be asked to make reparation to someone. Confessions are by appointment.

Confirmation by the Bishop

Children and Adults are prepared for Confirmation by the Priest of the Parish. This usually takes up to Ten or so Weeks.

By Confirmation we renew our Baptismal Vows and are confirmed by a renewed Gift of the Holy Spirit for our adult Christian Life. We are also prepared for First Holy Communion at that time if not already a Communicant..

The best time for Children to be confirmed is between 10 and 12; Adults before they are too old.

The Sacrament of Holy Orders.

By this Sacrament Men and Women are trained and set apart for the ministry of the Church as Deacons , Priests, and Bishops. If you think you are called to the Ministry, contact your Priest. Regular discernment days are held to help people with their calling. There are age limits but many vacancies .If God is calling you , you are in for a great adventure as well as a very fulfilling career.

Sacrament of Holy Unction
………………..The Anointing of the Sick for Healing

The Church has a powerful ministry to the sick which she has carried on since the days of Jesus Christ. This is available through regular Healing Services and on an individual basis.

The Dying are usually anointed to strengthen the soul for the final journey.

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