So Where is the Kid in the Crib?

As Christmas draws close, appearances of the Christmas creche is on the increase – after all it has been Christmas since September in most retail stores and supermarkets. Perhaps many of us have our Christmas decorations and Crib sets already up and that is OK – but why not in the parish church? It is because we have a definite season of preparation for the great feast – Advent. So, this no different to the celebration of Easter with Lent as the time of getting ready. In our world of instant gratification, preparation does not exist. However, do we eat the wedding cake at the engagement? Do we have a wake before the person has died? Do we eat Hot Cross buns at Christmas (Mind you, Coles would like that)? So, despite the commercial world the Church has this distinct season, in which the visual focus in the is the Advent Wreath, that marks off the Sundays leading up to Christmas. Neither do we sing the Glory be to God on High during this time as we will sing it with Angels of Bethlehem at Christmas. It is also why we avoid Christmas carols during Advent. So, no kid in the crib, but wait for Christmas, and it will be there all January!