The Shape & Order of the Mass III

This is the third and last muttering about this subject. The object was to explain how the Mass has developed over the Christian centuries and how that effects our worship today, and our new worship book. Nothing of the prayers is being omitted but reordered into a more logical sequence. From the beginning of the Mass up to Creed remains the same. If you note in both columns Offertory you can see the reorderng, which now conforms more to the Early Church, the Anglican 1549 Prayer Book, and the changes in modern worship since 1970 in the Anglican Roman Catholic traditions.

English Missal 1958 Divine Worship Missal 2015
Creed Creed
Offertory Intercessions
Intercessions Confession and Absolution
Confession and Absolution Comfortable words
Prayer of Humble Access Offertory
From hereon the mass remains the same in both Missals until
Lord’s Prayer Lord’s Prayer
Breaking of the Bread Breaking of the Bread
Agnus Dei – Lamb of God Agnus Dei – Lamb of God
Invitation to Communion Prayer of Humble Access
Invitation to Communion

Apart from a return to the Church’s original order of the mass, it is also the order adopted for the reforms of modern worship since 1970. Anglicans who do not know our style and language or worship, will at least understand the order of Mass and be able to participate with us.