Note on the Dedication of the Month:

October and the Holy Rosary. This may seem like an odd dedication. However, it is linked to an important event in European history; the naval battle of Lepanto in 1571. The Empire of Ottoman Turks had amassed a huge naval fleet at Lepanto off the coast of western Greece. It was to take Rome, with St Peter’s becoming a mosque, after all they did that in Constantinople, and converted the world’s biggest cathedral into a mosque. This fleet was to open a new front in the Turkish takeover of Western Europe. However, the Bishop of Rome managed to put together a fleet of Venetians, Spanish, and six other kingdoms and republics and decisively defeated and sank the Turkish fleet and saved Western Europe. The Bishop of Rome had asked everyone to pray for the victory, which most people did with a rosary. October 7 became known as our Lady of Victories and later, the feast of the Holy Rosary. England and other northern European countries did not join the alliance, yet these countries were equally saved.