Spiritual Growth

Last Sunday I talked about developing our spiritual growth and being aware of our spiritual needs. It is important that we come to Sunday Mass and that is an obligation for all the Baptised – it is not an option. However, if that is all we do then we can slide into a spiritual decline. So, we need to develop a rule of spiritual life that we try to be faithful too. A rule naturally includes Sunday Mass, but more needs to happen between Monday to Saturday. Now it does not have to be complicated or even lengthy. Reading something from Scripture, and you have not done this for a while, then Bible Reading Fellowship notes are helpful, see the article above. Each day a passage of scripture is provided with a commentary on how to understand it, and concludes with a reflection. Have you thought about coming to Thursday Mass, a quiet and reflective service. Is there any reason why you could not come? There are other forms of reflective and repetitive prayer. The Rosary is a good example. Once you start to use it becomes easy to remember and can used in any situation. Come one Thursday morning at 9am and experience how it is used. Also booklets are available on the litanies, which are another form of simple prayer. Each one would only take a few minutes. So, it is not time but quality that is important. Another important rule is repetition. The shape of the Mass is mainly forms of prayer we say each week – and these prayers enter into the soul and become a part of your life and being. The same is true with the Rosary and in reading of Scripture. With the Bible, we gradually become familiar with the words and the layout of the Bible – but it also starts to shape your thinking and pattern of life.

We need to remember that we are creatures of habit – the time when we get up, the day we do our laundry, what we have for breakfast, the programmes we watch on TV and even when we clean our teeth! So, we need to create a new habit to our daily routine, a time when we attend to our heart and soul. Whatever age we have reached it is our responsibility to use wisely the time God has given us. No one is twisting your arm – but the choice is yours and your responsibility. A good prayer to begin each day with is, ‘Lord, teach me to pray.’